Our team of professional and experienced judges will do their best to choose the vehicle that exemplifies the BEST OF SHOW for both Pre-War and Post-War vehicles during this event utilizing ICJAG guideline.

Your car will be judged for originality, authenticity and condition using the standard judging forms and judging guidelines issued by the International Chief Judge Advisory Group (ICJAG).  Such judging promotes proper preservation and correct restoration. Many other shows have subjective judging based more on vehicle attributes such as styling, design, or cosmetics.  It is always best for entrants to know the nature of the judging beforehand so they may be more properly prepared.

When the class judging is subjective, it often leads to entrants being afraid to drive their car for fear of a deduction for evidence of use.  ICJAG does not endorse such judging, often referred to as French judging.  Such judging may also result in cars receiving awards that are not totally correct in terms of originality or authenticity.  On the other hand, honorary judging for Major and Special Awards is deliberately subjective.

Objective ICJAG class judging focuses on authenticity and condition in the regular classes and originality and condition in preservation classes.  Condition refers to proper function and appearance.  It does not mean components should look or work better than new.  If so, there will likely be a deduction for over-restoration.

ICJAG class judging stresses originality and authenticity while realistically evaluating condition. Vehicles are expected to be presentable, but excessive cleanliness is not necessary. There are no deductions for minor evidence of use such as a paint chip or a ding.  Some signs of age, use and patina are expected and acceptable.  Cars are meant to be driven.  Artificial or applied patina is not acceptable.  Entrants will be asked to start the engine and demonstrate that instruments, lights, signals and horn operate properly. Wipers will not be checked.

Relax and have an enjoyable day.  When the judging team arrives to judge your car, let the chief class judge know of anything unique or unusual about your car that places originality or authenticity in question.  Please remember, if your car is to be judged, you (or an authorized representative) must be present to open the panels, start the car and demonstrate the proper functioning of the various components to the judges.

Who will win the Helene Award for Best of Show Pre-War and Best of Show Post-War?


Entrants may choose to have a vehicle Judged, or as Exhibit Only. Judged entries shall have the field priority. Exhibit Only entrants may NOT be changed to Judged on the day of the show.

Class judging will begin at 11:00am. Award presentations will begin at approximately 4:00pm. Exhibitors must be with their vehicle when judging takes place. Vehicle score sheets may be returned, by request, once the show is completed.

Entrants are advised to check their vehicles between 2:30pm and 3:30pm. A ribbon will be placed on vehicle windshields stating if the Entrant has won an award. Entrants should remain at their vehicle until directed to drive to the trophy presentation area.

All Entrants must stay on the field until the Best of Show Trophy has been presented. No exceptions.