Thursday, October 20, 2022

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Friday, October 21, 2022

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Saturday, October 22, 2022

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Sunday, October 23, 2022

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Our 2022 Venues

The Las Vegas Ballpark

Completed in 2019 by the Howard Hughes Co., this $150 million dollar facility is state of the art in every way, with every modern convenience. It was voted Best Ball Park in 2019. This venue will add a modern twist to Concours while still retaining the elegance beauty and tradition. A daring choice destined to be another pace-setting innovation – with an exciting array of originality now a hallmark of the Las Vegas Concours d’Elegance.

This promises to be the most comfortable and spectator-friendly Concours ever. There is unlimited comfortable seating, with lots of shade. The bathroom facilities are numerous and centrally located. For viewing, the largest video display in the league is at our disposal, making the awards show not only more educational, but also more engaging. The sound system is state of the art. Every seat in the house will offer a unique view of our show field, and you can see our entire field of cars from every seat.

Las Vegas Ballpark will showcase an “Only in Vegas” culinary approach that is unlike any other park in the country. The menu is designed to elevate traditional park classics, and expand food and drink offerings with new options and flavors. Enjoy delicious food created especially for this park by Chefs Giada De Laurentiis and Brian Howard.

For our sponsors, the Hospitality level will rise to new heights, literally, with 20 gorgeous Sky Box Suites and two incredible SKY VIEW  decks offering views of everything inside the park, and simultaneously the Red Rock Canyons and Las Vegas Strip.
For our vendors, covered areas to showcase their products will offer comfort and access like never before.
For our VIPs, unique events await them.

We can’t wait to show you our dream of a Concours d’ Elegance that could be done ONLY at this venue, and ONLY in Las Vegas.

Hotels. Yes, we have a few hotels in this town.

Remember, this is Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World, so you can choose which one of our 150,000 hotel rooms suits you best. Below are three of the hotels located within the vicinity of the venue. Please do yourselves a favor, and let our expert Concierge do the work for you. He is happy to be of service and will make sure you get the right room at the best price. Don’t wait, October is the busiest month in Las Vegas, with the best weather, so rooms are booking up fast. Call Mark Streeter, City VIP Concierge, 702.741.2489,

Red Rock Hotel/Casino – 0.1 Miles. Walk to the show, with access to restaurants and shopping  at adjacent Downtown Summerlin Mall.

Sun Coast – 3.4 Miles, will be the Host Hotel for our esteemed Judges.
JW Marriott – 4.1 Miles


The Tour d’Elegance

    • The Tour d’ Elegance is all new this year, and will pass through Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. We will gather in the Transporter Area of the parking lot at approximately 8:00am on Sunday. The Tour d’ Elegance – Red Rock Canyon National Park Tour is a nice drive with easy grades, and very scenic, with many photo opportunities along the way. The round trip tour should be complete by around 10:00AM.

Technical: The Tour d’ Elegance is about 27 miles from start to finish, 6.25 mi. to Entrance Gate at Red Rock Canyon National Park, 12.25 mile drive in park, 8.25 miles back to parking lot. The first and the last 2.25 miles is in the city. The remainder of the Tour is on a single lane, one direction only highway, with no traffic lights or stops, just scenery and natural beauty!