Honorary Helene Award Winners

2021 Helene Award Recipient: Peter Brock

Entire textbooks can be written about the accomplishments of Peter Brock, whether it’s his early interests in automotive design fashioning what became the first Corvette Stingray, or of being the first employee of Carroll Shelby. How about designing the hugely successful Daytona Coupe, or establishing Brock Racing Enterprises, BRE, and bringing Japan to the racing scene? We could celebrate the design and production of hang gliders, or manufacturing one of the strongest, most durable and aerodynamic trailers, the Aerovault. You get the point. It would be an understatement to say Peter Brock only made significant contributions to the automotive scene.
The 2021 Las Vegas Concours will recognize a lifetime of achievements and present him with our highest honor, the Helene Award. Congratulations, Peter Brock.

2021 Helene Award Recipient: Constance Smith

Constance Smith is passionate about art, design, and automobiles. When she was a teen, her father fought for her place in an all male drafting class. Smith holds a bachelor of fine arts and a masters’ degree in industrial design from Pratt Institute. After joining GM’s Advanced Studio, she worked on the development of state of the art electronics and the implementation of airbags. Later, she turned her focus to writing, completing the book, “Damsels of Design”, an important book about the women pioneers of the automotive industry, which coincidentally began with our own Helene Rother. It could not be more fitting, that she now receives the prestigious Helene Award, which will be given to her at the Las Vegas Concours, by the first ever winner of the Helene Award, local Las Vegas Collector Sheri Goldstrom. Come to the Las Vegas Concours, meet Constance, see her get her award, and have her sign a book to that aspiring automotive fanatic in your life. Let’s celebrate Helene and Constance together, and it will be a great day for car lovers.