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Entry Deadline: JULY 31, 2021

Information submitted will be used by the LVCE throughout the show. Please make sure to submit complete and exact information.

Entry forms should be submitted online via email or the below form. All entries must provide at least THREE color photos with each entry form; ONE exterior view, ONE interior view and ONE engine view. Up to SIX, glossy color photos may be provided. If you wish to register and provide photos via email, send to: To submit by mail (non-preferred method), please mail the completed form (DOWNLOAD HERE) with up to 6 color glossy photos to: Las Vegas Concours d’Elegance, 9811 West Charleston Blvd., Suite 2-553, Las Vegas, NV 89117

Vehicle Information

Additional Questions

(Please note: We do not accept re-bodied vehicles unless they have been re-bodied within 10 years of the original manufacture done by the original manufacturer or their agent)

Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle Handling and Transportation

Release of Liability

By Signing Below, I attest that the information provided regarding this automobile is valid and true.The undersigned desiring to enter and participate in the Las Vegas Concours d’Elegance LLC (LVCE) Events to be held on October 21-24, 2021 does hereby submit the entry application. In consideration of the acceptance of this Entry Application by LVCE, the undersigned does hereby agree to (a) Indemnify and Hold Harmless LVCE, their staff, directors, appointees, representatives, volunteers and agents and against any and all liabilities, damages, causes of action and expense arising out of said event, (b) release all other contestants and officials from any and all liability arising out of said event, (c) release sponsor companies and their employees, vendors, and other exhibitors from any and all liability arising out of said event, (d) warrant that the undersigned has potentially read the Rules and Regulations under which has said event will be conducted and will abide by said Rules and Regulations and € give permission to use enclosed vehicle information and histories, as well as any photographs provided by me or taken by others, for publicity in all media, advertising, and programming inclusion. By signing below you understand that you are waiving any right that you or anyone on your behalf may have to bring a legal action or assert to a claim of any kind. I have read the above and accept the Terms and Conditions